Local Call: See Something, Say Something?

“Did you see that?” “Did you hear that?” Although at many tournaments, crowd reactions—ooohs and aahhs, cheers and shouts of encouragement—are commonplace and players are expected to play through extra noise, this is not always the case when it is the opponent who creates the distraction. The most common instances are in the middle of a rally when a player waves a hand claiming a double bounce or even says “down.” The opposing player may request a let because of a distraction, but must do so immediately—stopping play before playing your next shot. In support of fair play, any form of waving or gesturing is discouraged mid-rally. If a referee is present, she will make the call, whether or not you wave your hand. The most appropriate action is to play on until the conclusion of the rally without gesturing or verbalizing—unless of course you are calling the ball down or out on yourself.