Another Break in the Ball

When a ball breaks, if either player identifies the issue after a rally then a let is granted, and the point is replayed. A player may stop mid-rally if they think the ball is broken; however, that player risks forfeiting the point if it is determined that the ball is not yet fully broken. (A ball is only considered broken if there is a hole fully through a section of the seam). One further addendum: If a player returning serve appeals that a ball is broken before attempting to make the return of serve and it is determined the ball is broken, a let is allowed for the previous rally if the referee (or both players, if there is no referee) is uncertain when the ball broke. If a player discovers the ball is broken upon returning to court after a break between games, the ball is replaced but the final point of the previous game is not replayed—the new game begins with no change in outcome of the previous game.