A Look Back October 2016

41-sqmag-cover-november-20011Fifteen Years Ago in Squash Magazine November 2001

Amy Boytz, the managing editor, wrote a long profile of the pioneering Seattle coach Yusuf Khan as he announced his retirement. He turned eighty-six in August. He still loves to go down to the courts and watch and talk squash and coach and he spends time with his four grandchildren and he still consults with his daughter Shabana Khan who is running YSK Events, the event management firm. The Y stands for Yusuf.




90-sqmag-cover-november-2006-10-11Ten Years Ago in Squash Magazine November 2006

Frank Millet, since being profiled by James Zug, has stopped teaching Latin and playing squash at Milton. But he is still an active presence at the school and last month signed his seventh-fifth annual contract (Millet has been teaching there since 1942). The annual FDM alumni tournament will be held in March 2017 and two months later Millet will celebrate his 100th birthday.




140-sqmag-cover-november-2011-15-11Five Years Ago in Squash Magazine November 2011

Amr Shabana appeared on the cover after winning the first U.S. Open to be held at Drexel. The Maestro won six more PSA tournaments before retiring in the summer of 2015. Based in Toronto, Shabana is now on staff with the Egyptian squash federation as the director of national teams and technical advisor for juniors. He has also grown a beard so famous that it has its own Twitter account.