SPA-tlight: Luke Butterworth

Luke Butterworth, Greenwich Academy
Luke Butterworth, Greenwich Academy

Going into this year’s High School Championships not being the defending champions doesn’t mean the spotlight is now off our team. There is always the element of expectation that the team will be there or there about at the end of the season. We are always a strong force at the nationals and this year will be no different. I have a fantastic team again this season and It’s my job to make sure the girls are prepared physically and mentally this season to go one step further and regain the title.

I wouldn’t say team coaching appeals to me in particular. I am very passionate about squash. I loved being a professional player in the game and I love being able to relay that same passion onto my players., I believe that all coaching squash as a whole is something that I feel knowledgeable and passionate enough about that I want to do the best I can for all players and enthusiasts in whatever capacity I can.

I would never say never to any direction for my coaching, including college. I am always trying my best to improve my coaching (standards and ability?) College squash is improving all the time and I hope that it continues to thrive in the country as much as it has done over these past few years. Right now I am working well with Greenwich Academy and US Squash with the Regional Squads and events such as the British Open so I am currently fully focused on continuing and growing the great work we are doing with that.

It’s an honor for me to work with Team USA and be able to coach the top kids, including taking 36 juniors to the British Junior Open. Coaching at a tournament is much different to the day to day training/coaching. It’s all about making sure the player is preparing well to perform to their optimum on court. Advice throughout tournaments could be with nutrition, sleep schedule, warm ups, tactics/gameplans, cool downs, hydration, I could go on! It’s the whole package solely focused on having the players get the best results and in this case hopefully bringing success for Team USA!

Greenwich is a wonderful place to live and is definitely a hot bed for squash. As we all know the squash season is very busy and jam-packed. I do manage to take some time away from the courts as I tend to enjoy my summers away spending time with my wife, family and friends.

I grew up playing soccer at a decent level and I’ve grown to like playing golf a lot. However if I was to choose a sport, other than squash, between those two, I’d have to choose Soccer. One of my childhood dreams was to score a goal in the English Premier League for my hometown club Huddersfield Town I’m going to go with that one. Prior to moving to the states I was working as a credit card debt collector to fund my professional squash tour and adventures…. So hopefully I will not do that again!!