90 Seconds With Olivia Blatchford

olivia 90 secs

You’ve recently spent time training in Scotland, how did you like living abroad?

Edinburgh is an amazing city! I was especially lucky as the Fringe festival—the biggest comedy, music, and performance festival in Europe—took place in August. So all throughout the month there were hundreds of shows per day and the city is electric. I saw a few comedy acts, and especially enjoyed seeing the band James as well as a Smiths cover band. It’s always cool being exposed to new things that are outside of your comfort zone.

What were some aspects of American life that you missed while abroad?
Whole Foods. There aren’t any Whole Foods stores in Edinburgh. There are really amazing farmers markets, but that’s beside the point!

Did you try Haggis?
Yes, I love it. The trick is to forget what exactly it is you’re eating.

What’s one thing you wished you had known before joining the pro tour that you now know?
It’s not the same as juniors.

Favorite tournament and/or city to play in?
Brooklyn, New York. I love going back to the Heights Casino where I basically lived from the ages of 8-13. Linda Elriani runs a fantastic tournament and I remember going to watch the Weymuller as a junior. It’s really cool to come back as a player.

How do you feel about the recent tin height changes this season for women?
Bring it on. Anything boys can do we can….? 😉

Where does winning gold and silver Pan Ams medals rank among your career accomplishments so far?
Those medals are definitely at the top of my list. It’s less about the hardware and more about the work I put in beforehand. I don’t think I had ever cried during a session, but after that training block I had easily done so ten times. The medals sent a message that I was doing the best by myself that I could, or maybe that I need to cry more during training?

What’s on your pump up playlist?
A mixture, but I can never go on without Jackson Browne’s “That girl could sing,” Stereophonics “Dakota,” and the “Shaft” theme song.

What’s one thing about you that Squash Magazine readers don’t know?
When I was ten years old I was tall for my age. I just stopped growing the same year.