90 Seconds With Stephen Coppinger

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Stephen Coppinger, the twenty-nine-year-old South African who was born in Dublin, Ireland, raised in Kenya, currently No. 23 in the world rankings, reached No. 16 in June 2013 – and he’s a five-time champion in the South African nationals.

Squash Magazine: Describe the first time you played squash.

Stephen Coppinger: I can’t remember, no idea. Actually have no idea, but it was probably in my living room using a skating board as a tin and a racquet about the size of my forearm.

SM: If you weren’t a professional squash player, you would be…

SC: A beach bum

SM: Favorite food?

SC: Lots

SM: Least favorite food?

SC: None

SM: When you retire, you will…

SC: Chill…chill hard

SM: Most embarrassing moment?

SC: Probably too many to describe, but they’re not very family-friendly…

SM: Worst travel experience?

SC: Delays, delays, delays…I’ve been travelling forty-eight hours once. Gulf Air flying from Bahrain to Muskat, to Bahrain again, back to Muskat then to London. Lots of delays, not fun.

SM: Superstitions or pre-match rituals?

SC: No, not very superstitious. I figure if you get locked into a superstition, then it’s dangerous because if you can’t do it then you’re in big trouble.

SM: Favorite movie of all time?

SC: Cool Runnings

SM: Favorite recent movie?

SC: Meh, they’re all good.