Squash Magazine merges operations with US Squash

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US Squash and Squash Magazine have jointly announced that Squash Magazine, for 17 years the Official Publication of US Squash, will be acquired by US Squash and will merge operations with the Association. The first edition as a US Squash publication will be October 2013.

With changes in the publishing industry in the digital age, and the increasing level of collaboration and pooling of resources in squash overall, the move is expected to create efficiencies while also expanding the capabilities of the publication overall. It will also allow magazine Founder and Publisher Jay Prince to take on an expanded role at US Squash while also continuing to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the publication.

Prince commented, “US Squash CEO Kevin Klipstein and I have been discussing the potential for joining forces for some time now, given the direction of the publishing industry and media overall. After some careful consideration, the merging of our operations simply makes good sense on several levels. From production costs, staffing, and other shared resources, we will realize efficiencies right from the beginning. This will increase the breadth and depth of what is covered in squash, and allow us to more aggressively explore opportunities in new media, and I think that’s exciting for us and for squash.”

From a practical perspective, staffing will remain the same with Prince joining US Squash full-time as an Executive Editor for the organization as it ramps up its communications and marketing activity, while also serving as Editor-in-Chief of Squash Magazine. James Zug, the magazine’s Senior Writer and accomplished author, will work part-time for US Squash, continuing his writing and serving in a senior advisory role. Ryan Lewis, the longtime Operations Manager for the publication also responsible for advertising sales, will continue his work, serving as a contractor. Other contributors are expected to continue their relationship with the publication.

Klipstein noted, “I have great respect for what Jay has accomplished in 17 years. The magazine is consistently cited by members as something they appreciate and value. We plan to continue and expand its coverage, and integrate the content across all media. This will also allow us to sell marketing opportunities across events, publications, and digitally in a comprehensive way. I am really looking forward to increasing the coverage in every area and speaking to the varied audiences of the game in the US.

“We have worked collaboratively with Squash Magazine from the beginning, and both groups value critical voices in publications and other media outlets. We will continue to encourage and listen to those whose opinions differ from our own. This is how we’ve learned and grown as an organization and sport, and how we will continue to do so moving forward.”

Squash Magazine has published 10 issues per year since May 1998. Beginning October 2013 it will publish eight times per year with the potential of adding a year-end supplement next summer.

Squash Magazine’s new website will continue to incorporate additional archival content and photos in the coming weeks and months.


For the remainder of your current subscriptions, you will be converted into being members of US Squash. As a result, not only will you continue to receive Squash Magazine, but you also be able to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the sport’s National Governing Body affiliated with the United States Olympic Committee.

When your subscription is about to expire, you will be given the opportunity to renew your membership and continue receiving Squash Magazine.