US Squash 2007-2008 Season Ratings and Rankings Changes to eligibility requirements and qualifying results instituted to improve system

US Squash has made significant policy changes impacting the Official Rankings for the coming season. The adjustments are focused on continuing to increase the inclusiveness of competitive squash play and the accuracy of the national ratings and rankings.

Box Ladders and Exposure Requirements
Highlighting the changes for this season is the official sanctioning of Box Ladders for adults. This means your teaching pro or squash director will have the ability to set up club ladder matches, with the players reporting the results, which will now count towards your rating and ranking. Currently in pilot in several markets, Box Ladders will be available nationally later this fall.

Because Box Ladder results will count towards your rating and ranking, in addition to the Team League results that were added to the calculation beginning in 2005-2006, the “exposure” requirements for a final season ranking have been increased for adults. Previously two exposures, including at least one tournament, were required, but for a 2007-2008 final season ranking a minimum of three exposures, including at least two tournament exposures, is required for an end of season ranking. Going forward, to be considered active and to have a listed rating, a player must have played at least three sanctioned matches—including at least one tournament match in a rolling nine-month period.

Default Policy and Refereeing
Other changes for adults include the introduction of a ratings penalty for late tournament withdrawals and for players defaulting in a main round match, and the possibility of a penalty for players not refereeing the following match. For adults, a significant change in refereeing is that now the loser is required to referee, allowing the winner of the match to prepare for his or her next match.

Other technical improvements have to do with the assignment of initial ratings. In summary, the system now retroactively rates a player after at least three matches, including his or her first win and first loss against another rated player. Prior to meeting this “one win/one loss” requirement, a player will have a “pending” or “provisional” initial rating.

Junior Ratings and Rankings
For juniors, similar adjustments have been made to the initial rating calculations, requiring the “one win/one loss” before receiving an official rating. Juniors can now earn an in-season or end of season national ranking only if active. To be considered active, players must have a rating and play in at least one sanctioned match, including at least one tournament in your ranking age group in the last rolling 12-month period.

In-season exposure requirements remain the same: one by Oct. 31, two by Dec. 31, and three by Jan. 30. If a player does not meet these match-play and in-season exposure requirements, he or she will be listed as having “Insufficient Data” in the specific ranking category. As in the past, all juniors must pass the Club Referee exam to earn an end of season ranking. For refereeing at sanctioned tournaments, new this season is that both the winner and the loser of each junior match must referee, and ratings penalties may apply if the players do not make themselves available. Finally, beginning later this fall, ratings and final season rankings will be viewable for Under-11 players and will reflect results from the start of the season.

Overall, we continue to improve the technology provided to support local associations, teaching pros and tournament directors to more efficiently manage sanctioned US Squash events and report results for the ranking system.

For full details on all the changes and policies, visit the Rankings main page. Current US Squash members can go to and click on Rankings from the home page to look up where they are ranked today. If you’re not listed, the system will tell you why…the rest is up to you!