A s you wend your way down Pitt Street on the lower east side of Manhattan, the tangle of bars, bodegas, coffee shops and apartment buildings are interrupted by an ivy-covered, walled oasis. While at first glance Hamilton Fish Park may seem like many of the other 1,800 public parks in the city, with the familiar pulsating thump of a shirts and skins basketball game being contested on the black top concrete right next to splashing camp kids escaping the searing summer heat in one of their two sparkling swimming pools. But as you move through the park you can hear an altogether different sound, that seems out of place. This might be the only park in the world where you will hear it. That’s because last April a squash court arrived right beyond the basketball courts. Public Squash, a New York non-profit organization, in partnership with the New York City Parks Department, opened the first outdoor public squash court in Hamilton Fish Park.