2015 Dunlop Squash Racquets

By Pierre Bastien, Squash Equipment Blogger at squashsource.com

As the squash season gets underway, let’s take a look at six new designs from Dunlop that you’ll probably see around the courts in 2015-2016.

Dunlop Force Evolution

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.24.56 PMFor 2015, Dunlop has updated both of the racquets in their Evolution series. Nick Matthew and Alison Waters have used the Evolution frame for years. It has a hybrid shape, meaning the strings extend partway, but not completely down, through the throat. The hybrid frame has a compact sweet spot and feels a bit stiffer than other Dunlop racquets.

The new models are called the Dunlop Force Evolution 120 and the Dunlop Force Evolution 130. Both felt stable and precise through each shot. The Evolution 120 was a bit lighter in the head, making it more maneuverable. It gave me plenty of control but lacked power as the match wore on. The 130 felt evenly balanced and had a bit more power because of the extra mass in the racquet.

Dunlop Force Revelation

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.25.18 PMThe Dunlop Revelation line was first introduced last year, and they’ve been updated this season. They are full teardrop racquets, meaning the strings extend all the way through the throat of the frame. They have more power, but are less precise, than the Evolution series.

The two new racquets released this year are the Dunlop Force Revelation 125 and Revelation 135. The lighter one, the Revelation 125, is more maneuverable. The Revelation 135 is 10 grams heavier and is more of a raw power racquet.

Dunlop Apex

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.25.44 PMDunlop has also updated their mid-range Apex line for 2015. The new racquets are called the Dunlop Apex Infinity and the Dunlop Apex Synergy. They both have a nice balance of power and control, and they are a good deal at $99. The Apex Infinity has a teardrop

shape, a fan stringing pattern, and is a bit more maneuverable. The Apex Synergy has a conventional head shape and stringing pattern, and has a bit more weight in the head to help you carve out your shots.