90 Seconds With…Campbell Grayson

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SM: What do you miss most about New Zealand?
I’ve been based in Manhattan for a little over a year. I miss my family and friends. It’s a beautiful country so I miss the scenery; the mountains and beaches, and the sort of laid back and relaxed lifestyle. But I’m enjoying New York right now, so I’m staying focused on doing well here.

SM: What were some adjustments you had to make moving to New York City
The mad rush. Just how intense everything is. Everyone’s trying to get ahead and working crazy hours. Everybody’s in a rush, tense and moving at a fast pace, which took getting used to because New Zealand is pretty relaxed.

SM: Any quintessential New York moments or celebrity sightings?
CG: Being in the middle of Times Square and seeing the atmosphere, lights, and scramble of people. Absorbing central park and its surroundings. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any celebrities. I must be hanging out in the wrong places.

SM: As the second U.S. Pro Series champion, what are some of your favorite places to play in the U.S.?
I really love Tournament of Champions with such an amazing venue. San Francisco was a really cool tournament with a glass court by the water and a spectacular venue. Charlottesville was a really nice tournament, what an impressive new facility, which was really nice. Of course the U.S. Open, such a great tournament.

SM: Any U.S. travel horror stories?
CG: Getting food poisoning on the way to a tournament in Washington D.C. That wasn’t nice…

SM: Greatest moment of your career thus far?
Winning my first PSA tournament was huge when I was younger, but I’d have to say all three Commonwealth Games have been the real pinnacle of my career. The atmosphere, representing New Zealand and a team of over 300 athletes, the venue and everything is amazing.

SM: What’s one thing you want to change in Squash?
For it to be in the Olympics. Gutted that we missed out in 2013, still a slight chance for 2020 now that we’re back on the shortlist. It would be huge. That would be the pinnacle of any squash players’ career, and we really deserve it.  After being to a Commonwealth Games, which is such an awesome event, and then there’s the Asian Games, Pan American Games; the Olympics would be a whole new experience and would help grow the sport in America and around the world. There could be nothing better to happen to a sport than that.