From US Squash

Astronomers recently discovered a galaxy that is thirty billion light-years away. For the non-scientists, a light-year is 5.8 trillion miles. You can try to do the math.However, it’s a lot of zeros and, therefore, from a long time ago (thirteen billion years). Perhaps it’s easier to get one’s head around what can happen in just ten or twenty years. Urban squash started twenty years ago, and the squash community has since invested $100 million into staff, programs and facilities to advance the lives of thousands of under-served youth across the U.S.

Ten years ago, MetroSquash joined the effort, and this spring achieved a remarkable milestone. Their new facility will, in time, transform a community that desperately needs a boost. Their first permanent ground-level front glass wall looking outward creates the perfect metaphor for what urban squash has given back to the squash community. No longer are we an inward looking, isolated community, but rather one focused on expanding access to squash and opportunity for all.

Looking ahead, US Squash seeks to increase the number of courts in the U.S. from the current 2,500 to 10,000 in less than thirty years. We will invest $75-80 million to convert 5,000 racquetball courts to squash all across the country. This will boost participation from 1.4 million to more than four million players, making squash a quarter the size of tennis or golf, and light-years ahead of where we are now in accessibility.