Editor’s Note

By Jay D. Pince, Editor in Chief

I look forward to playing in the National Singles every year, and usually as I’m driving away from the one that just ended. As much as I enjoy the competition (I’ve said on numerous occasions that my annual foray is more about training for the 60+ than it is about winning now—starting to think my goal should be the 75-80+), it’s the camaraderie more than anything that stands out every year.

Over the last ten years, the Canadian contingent coming south to play has been consistent and fantastic. They also generally play extremely well. This year there were some conspicuous absences, and one of those was Michael Bertin.

Michael has played every year since 2008, winning twice in the 50+, one runner-up to Richard Millman in 2010, and three 55+ titles from 2011-2013. He lost in his first match last year, though he did go on to win the consolation draw.

Michael is an extremely positive and supportive person. He is genuinely interested in those around him, whether on or off court. He takes the time to really talk. Even now, when he was diagnosed just two weeks before the Nationals with stage 4 cancer of the kidney that has metastasized to his lungs and lymph nodes in his chest. He’s also suffering a tumor in his left shoulder that has resulted in a break needing major reconstruction. It is brutal.

Squash has provided us all with a global family. Michael is maintaining an inspiring positive attitude. Any positivity you can send can only help. He’s one of the good guys in this world.