A Look Back

26 SqMag Cover March 2000Fifteen Years Ago in Squash Magazine March 2000
Gary Waite, as hinted in James Zug’s profile, did switch over to team up with Damien Mudge on the pro doubles tour, becoming one of the most dominant partnerships in history. He left the University Club of New York in 2001 and returned to Toronto. In 2007 he eased himself into retirement from the pro doubles tour. Since 2010 he’s been the director of sales at the National Squash Academy in Toronto, which boasts the world’s only four-wall glass doubles court.

75 SqMag Cover March 2005Ten Years Ago in Squash Magazine March 2005
The affable Aussie, John White went on to win five more PSA titles before becoming the head coach at Franklin & Marshall. In the spring of 2010 he migrated east to become the first head coach at Drexel. The Dragons’ rankings have risen up from thirty-seven for the women’s team his first season to fifteen this season; and from forty-six for the men to twelve.


124 SqMag Cover March 2010 13.5Five Years Ago in Squash Magazine March 2010
Since 2010, the Greenwich Academy girls have taken their U.S. high school national title streak from three straight to TK eight straight. Dale Walker snapped the cover photo of Anna Harrison, who has just finished her senior year at Yale. Playing in the middle of the Eli ladder, Harrison captained the team, leading them to a TK. She notched a 30-4 record in her four years of college squash.