Your Serve December 2014

Your So-Called Top 50 List

Having played squash competitively for forty years, I was amazed to see some of your selections for the so-called “top 50 list.” It is unfortunate that your list seems to be based more on who has money or who toots their own horn rather than on those who have labored for decades to build the game.

—Carole Grunberg

Top 50 Big Omission

You guys missed a big one—George Polsky, founder and fifteen-year Executive Director of StreetSquash, which is the largest urban squash program in the United States serving 300+ Harlem and Newark kids.

—Greg Zaff
Founder & CEO SquashBusters

The Top 50

As you point out, since you “had no algorithm”, it makes it hard to argue with your choices. Having said that, I am shocked that you would overlook Bryan Patterson.

Paul Rapisarda
Winchester, MA


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for having included me in this month’s Top 50—America’s most intriguing, interesting and influential people in squash. Having dedicated my life to the people of squash and the sport, it is an accolade that I will cherish forever. I have a recommendation that I believe you will find easy to accept—Will Carlin. There are few people who are not professionally involved in squash who contribute at the level Will does.

—Richard Millman
(The Squash Doctor)

Facebook Comments/Shares

Frank Millet is truly a legend—both for his commitment to squash and because he is a gentleman of great humanity.”

“Hooray for Gilly!” “Congrats Demer!”

From Amanda Sobhy:
Extremely honored to be listed as No. 2 in this month’s Squash Magazine Top 50 Most Intriguing, Interesting, and Influential People of 2014! Big thank you to my family, team, and US Squash who have supported me throughout the years. I hope that this is just the beginning and that I will be able to contribute more towards the growth of squash in the U.S!