90 Seconds with Cameron Pilley

Cameron Pilley, 32 years old, he grew up in Yamba, New South Wales, next door to his cousin Donna Urquhart; now lives in the Hague, Netherlands, and reached a career high of No. 11 in the world rankings in January 2011.

Cameron Pilley: My first tournament was when I was six years old; I first hit a ball when I was two—and I joined the pro tour when I was eighteen. SM: Whats your favorite thing about Australia? CP: The beaches and the laid-back lifestyle.

SM: Favorite music?
CP: Australian hip hop: Hilltop Hoods, Horrorshow, Bliss n Eso

SM: Whats it like dating on tour?
CP: It has its pros and cons. I get to see my girlfriend (Line Hansen) when I travel, but that also means we are in each others faces twenty-four seven, which can also be not that good.

SM: Most embarrassing moment on tour?
CP: Maybe when I got bageld 11-0 in the Berkshire Open final against Stuart Boswell.

SM: Who are your favorite players?
CP: Brett Martin because he looked cool on court, and he surfed so I related to that. Well, the surfing bit, can’t say I look cool, but thats for the people to decide! Jonathon Power because he was one of a kind and brought a lot to the game. I better respect what Heather McKay and Nicol David have done and are doing right now because its amazing.

SM: Where is your favorite place/beach to surf?
CP: I love surfing back home in Yamba; we have a ton of different beaches that all face a different direction so you can always find a beach that is out of the wind! I remember having a fun surf a few years ago with Alex Gough and Beau River, in Ventura, California. There were dogs riding surfboards and all sorts going on.

SM: Are you scared of sharks in Australia?
CP: I wouldn’t say I’m scared of sharks, as by entering the water you’re now in their territory. But in saying that, it’s pretty scary to actually see a shark whilst surfing! There was a funny moment when I was surfing with my brother where he didn’t quite hear me when I said ‘there’s a shark’…he claims I didn’t say anything and continued surfing until he saw me standing on the shore waving my arms!