Travel to My Hometown

By Camille Serme

I train at a club that is twenty minutes from Paris: the Centre Sportif Marie-Thérèse Eyquem.

La Nouvelle SeineI just love Paris because there’s always something to do. I think the coolest thing is the Eiffel Tower—it’s so beautiful and big and you can see it from many different places around the city.

My favorite restaurant in Paris is called Le Sous-Bock. It is right in the middle of Paris, near Chatelet les Halles. The boss is a friend of mine; he’s a big fan of sport, particularly rugby and you can see a lot of rugby equipment. I love to order a salad called “la sous-bock.” You can drink either coffee or beer there, because it’s a bar as well. I also like to go to the Guinness Tavern, in the same area as the restaurant; it’s got live music.

When I have enough time, I love shopping in Rue de Rivoli: you can find everything you need. I also love walking the Champs Elysées. My favorite movie theater is called UGC Bercy—it’s the biggest in France. You can find any movie in English, which I prefer.

I really love Christmas time in Paris, with all the lights. And I love spending time with my family, buying presents for everyone.

LeSousBockIn Paris there is a small Statue of Liberty, near the Eiffel Tower, and people usually don’t realize that the French people gave the big one to the United States and that there is a small one in Paris.

If I am free for a day, I start with brunch on a boat call “La Nouvelle Seine” where you can see Notre Dame de Paris while you eat (this boat is not moving). Then I go shopping on the Champs Elysées. I have a light lunch in a small brasserie. Then if the weather is nice, I go up the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe to have a nice view and take a lot of photographs. And to finish the day, I have a nice dinner on another boat on the Seine, but this time one which is moving.