90 Seconds with Jenny Duncalf

Jenny Duncalf, 31 years old, born in Haarlem, Netherlands, but living in Harrogate, England, rose to No. 2 in the world rankings in December 2009 and held that spot for 28 of the next 31 months.

Squash Magazine: Describe the first time you played squash.
Jenny Duncalf: Exciting and enjoyable. It was when I was nine years old at my local squash club. I think I wore my Liverpool Football Club kit. It was brilliant, I loved it. I was big into sports so any sport I was excited to try.

SM: If you weren’t a professional squash player, what would you be?
JD: In my dreams I would be a rock star or professional soccer player.

SM: When you retire, you will…
JD: Be a rock star…Good question, I want to be involved with sport in some way.

SM: Most embarrassing moment on tour?
JD: Probably something like going on court with a grip attached to my skirt or something, think I’ve done that a few times.

SM: One thing you didn’t know before you turned pro that you wish you had known?
JD: You’re going to get injured at some stage.

SM: Worst travel experience?
JD: I played a tournament in Mexico once years ago and they gave us a bottle of tequila. I forgot the bottle was in my hand luggage and I was kicking my bag around waiting to check in and it got smashed and went over all of my squash gear and everything. It stank and it was a very busy airport so it was pretty embarrassing.

SM: Superstitions?
JD: I tend to tie my shoe laces a lot before I go on court. Not a superstition, more of a habit.

SM: Favorite movies?
JD: The Godfather, American History X, Grease, Dirty Dancing.

SM: If you were PSA/WSA president, what’s the first thing you would do?
JD: Lower the women’s tin.