A Look Back May 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.54.50 AMFifteen Years Ago in Squash Magazine
June 1999
Jay Prince presciently profiled Nicol David in the lead-up to the Junior Women’s Worlds in Antwerp, which the fifteen-year-old Malaysian won. Since then, David has won a second World Junior title, seven World Opens and 73 WSA events overall, becoming one of the all-time greatest players in history.


Hashim Khan turns 90 Ten Years Ago in Squash Magazine
June 2004
Squash Magazine commemorated the ninetieth birthday of Hashim Khan, the world’s first squash celebrity. Subsequently, his family—and the IRS—decided that he was born in 1916 not 1914 as originally thought (there is no birth certificate; his official biographer Dicky Rutnagur, after extensive research, decided 1914 was correct; who knows?). Thus, we’ll wait until July 2016 to officially celebrate Hashim’s 100th birthday.


Stumping for StreetSquash June 2009Five Years Ago in Squash Magazine
June 2009
Hillary Clinton, then a senator from New York, spoke at the grand opening of the SL Green StreetSquash Center in Harlem. The center has gone on to be a major catalyst for squash growth in New York City and a cornerstone of the StreetSquash program that now serves thousands of kids each year. The former First Lady, Clinton went on to serve as Secretary of State in the first Obama administration. She is now contemplating a second run for President. No word on her squash game.