Your Serve March 2014

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Paul Moses’ heart is in the right place, but if he really believes that he can talk about urban squash programs and “…abandon references to prep schools and Ivy League teams…” then he seriously misunderstands the central mission of most, if not all, of these programs. He need look no further than the excellent December WSJ profile of Reyna and Jesse Pacheco (not related), both of whom got their starts at urban programs AND also play at Ivy League schools (and, in Jesse’s case, is also a prep school alum). These programs work with smart, hard-working inner-city kids to prepare them for success at “elite” academic institutions and in their adult lives. If they happen to turn into excellent squash players, so much the better.

Paul Rapisarda
Winchester, MA

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.32.47 PMA big call-out to Jay Prince, Kevin Klipstein and James Zug for the editorials and James’ extensive review on eyewear protection. What a great and comprehensive piece that James provided! Despite all of your observations, the battle, still, to get many adults, some juniors and even some pros to consistently wear eyewear persists. What a great day it will be when WSA and PSA require mandatory compliance and pictures of the best-in-the-world, wearing goggles, are prominent on the pages of your magazine. It is all about emulating those that we watch and revere—especially for the kids. This was a great start and I will surely post this, along with the graphic photos, on the bulletin board of our club.

Martin Freed, MD, FACP
Wellesley, MA