Editor’s Note

One of the key components of magazines and newspapers has always been the use of photography. For some, looking at the images, along with their captions, replaces the need to actually read the stories. For others, those same images enhance the experience and complete the story. In either case, the use of lighting, composition and perspective can add drama, intrigue and simple explanation of what was going on when the photo was taken.

Now that virtually anyone can carry a camera with them everywhere they go in the form of their smart phones, the use of photography has been expanded even further. Today’s social media options have even created ways for the photo to tell the whole story—with no need for words at all. Whether with Facebook, where users can provide captions if they choose, or apps like Snapchat, pictures have begun replacing the written word.

The black and white images taken by Ham Biggar on and off the squash court, which you saw on the cover of this issue and will find in a feature inside, were groundbreaking for the sport and helped record American squash history. Those pieces of art will no doubt spark vivid memories and lengthy con- versations—which is precisely what we do whenever we share photos. Congratulations to Ham for receiving the W. Stewart Brauns, Jr., Award from US Squash.

By the way, if you look at the cover of this issue, between the two players, you can see Ham Biggar with his remote control shooting the photo.