Ryan Lewis Departs Squash Magazine

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Thirteen years ago, Ryan Lewis walked into the Squash Magazine offices in Seattle in a coat and tie, trying not to break into a sweat, while hoping to find a job doing administrative work. He was professional, prepared and confident while selling his ability to do whatever the magazine could throw his way.

It took a matter of minutes to offer him the job, and only a couple of hours for him to accept it. Within months, Ryan was not only managing all of the administrative needs of the magazine, but he also took over advertising sales and management.

His drive, organizational skills and passion for his work helped drive the business side of Squash Magazine.

Five years ago, Ryan began pursuing another passion of his and simultaneously completed his psychology degree in night school—and has begun building a private practice.

Over the past six months, Ryan has been instrumental in helping with the transition to US Squash ownership of the publication. But as of this month, Ryan has left Squash Magazine to put all of his time and effort into furthering his new career. We wish him the best in his endeavors and hope you’ll join us in congratulating and thanking Ryan for his years of service to the magazine and the sport.