Editor’s Note

By Jay D. Prince, Editor in Chief

Instead of the normally slow summer months for squash, the past few months have seen a whirlwind of activity. For Squash Magazine, it has been the exciting transition of becoming owned and operated by the US SQUASH, our sport’s Olympic National Governing Body in the U.S.

And fittingly, squash experienced the highs and lows of attempting to gain full program status with the Olympics. Though we ultimately fell short, in part because of the strong support for keeping wrestling in the Games, our sport continues to benefit from the experience of furthering our connection with the International Olympic Committee. You will find the complete story about our bid and presentation to the IOC inside this issue.

You will also read about our American juniors who put on a strong showing at the World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland. The American girls proved that the respect they were given as the No. 2 seeds was much deserved as they repeated their silver medal performance.

Finally, we hope to see you in Philadelphia for the Delaware Investments U.S. Open Championships this month. After reading James Zug’s engaging story about the Elshorbagy brothers, I’m sure you’ll be rooting for them.

Please keep sending us your feedback as much of the “new” Squash Magazine is in response to your comments and suggestions.

See you on the courts!