Tins Go Lower for International Doubles

The 2006 Commonwealth Games Doubles Final provided a prime example for why the tins have been lowered. The fourth game alone lasted 58 minutes in a match won by Peter Nicol and Lee Beachill (in white, L-R) over Stewart Boswell and Anthony Ricketts.

The World Squash Federation (WSF) has confirmed that for future World Doubles Championships, Commonwealth Games and other major events, the height of the tin used for men’s, women’s and mixed events will be lowered from 43cm (17”) to 33cm (13”)— with the current expanded doubles court width of 8.42 meters (27.63 ft), as used at the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi, being maintained.

Explaining the background to the decision, WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley said: “Because some matches, primarily men’s, proved to be too lengthy and unexciting at major championships, the format has been under review.

“Following matches played last month between pairs representing Australia, England and Scotland, using a variety options, the data and comments have been reviewed and it has been decided by WSF that lowering the tin by 30% provides an excellent means of encouraging shot-making and using the full court to provide really entertaining play for spectators and broad- cast viewers alike.”