World Masters Scoring Unchanged

image001Following requests from a few masters players that the World Squash Federation (WSF) consider moving from PAR11 to PAR15 for some older age categories, the WSF sought the views of a broad selection of masters players (all entrants from the last staging in Germany) and all member federations, via questionnaires.

Over two hundred masters participants responded, as well as a number of federations. The result was that from both groups there were majorities in favor of PAR11 to continue being utilized at all age levels for World Championships.

The WSF Management Committee reviewed the results as well as the many spe- cific comments made (including strikingly opposed ones). They took into account that there would be issues with arbitrarily splitting scoring within a Championship and that uniformity of scoring, across all international events, is desirable. As a result, the Committee decided that there will be no amend- ment to the current World Championship Regulations, so PAR11 will continue to be used for all World Masters age categories.

Within the comments received were some suggesting that it would be welcomed if hosts could offer more matches than the current general minimum of three at the World Masters. So the forthcoming hosts in England, as well as future ones, will be encouraged to offer further informal events for those who would like them.

Players from across the world in age categories ranging from over 35 to over 80 will gather in Birmingham, England, to take part in the World Masters 2012, July 20-27. There are likely to be up to a thousand who will be competing, and if you would like to join them you can enter by visiting: www.