Black Knight ion X-Force


Stiff yet powerful. Or power with control. Either way you look at them, the new ion X-Force sticks from Black Knight offer both critical elements every squash player is looking for.

The ion X-Force comes in two models—Black or Yellow. The differences are subtle. So subtle in fact that you’ll find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out how they differ at all. Put them on a scale and you’ll quickly see that the Black weighs in at 162g (strung), and the Yellow at 164g (strung). Okay…not much difference there. Ahh, the paint jobs are different. True, but who cares?

You get the gist. Both models feature an open throat, a 475cm2 head, with dense string patterns of 14 mains and 16 crosses. And both are evenly balanced, though you will find that the Yellow feels slightly head-heavy.

What is most striking is the feel for the ball when playing short and the power with control when you need it. It’s rare to find both in a single racquet, let alone two. But Black Knight has pulled it off. And despite their head sizes, these racquets swing effortlessly—critical for quick reflexes and for sufficient power when hammering the ball down the wall.

As for vibration, forget about it. None found. Check them out for yourselves. Your game deserves it.

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