World Squash Federation Puts Innovation at Heart of 2020 Olympic Campaign

Madeline Perry and WSF President N. Ramachandran.
Madeline Perry and WSF President N. Ramachandran.

World Squash Federation President N Ramachandran today stressed that innovation will be a core element of Squash’s campaign for inclusion into the 2020 Olympic Games. He also outlined the significant growth the sport has achieved in recent years and some of the major enhancements that have been introduced since Squash’s most recent campaign for Olympic inclusion for 2016.

At the launch of its Olympic 2020 campaign in London, the WSF also revealed the campaign slogan—Squash: Sport at its Best

President Ramachandran said: “We know we have to show the International Olympic committee that Squash is a fantastic product, and that we are not scared to innovate. Over the past few years, since our last campaign for Olympic inclusion, the sport has progressed significantly with the introduction of SquashTV, “Video Review” technology, new and exciting showcourts with revolutionary lighting and an international ambassador program. It is vital over this next campaign that we communicate these innovations to the IOC to show just how far the sport has come, and what the exciting plans are for the future of our sport.

“Squash is a growing, global sport played by 20 million men and women on more than 50,000 courts in 185 countries. We have thriving men’s and women’s professional tours—more than 500 players from 74 nations compete on the men’s tour and over 350 on the women’s. Prize money is growing, as are the number of events across the world, and our global calendar would be a fantastic promotional platform for Olympic Squash. It really is an exciting time for our sport.”

Supporting the WSF 2020 Olympic campaign, Malaysia’s World No. 1 Nicol David said just minutes after winning a record sixth World Open title in Rotterdam yesterday: “There is no question that the Olympic Games would be the absolute pinnacle of my career and I would happily trade all my six World titles for Olympic Gold.”

Women’s World No. 3 madeline Perry today added her weight to the Squash 2020 Olympic campaign by signing a letter pledging her support to Squash 2020. “Squash is a huge sport and to have the chance to represent my country on the world’s greatest sporting stage would be amazing, not just for me, but for all players around the world,” said the 34-year-old from Belfast.