WSF Unveils New Corporate Logo

The World Squash Federation launched a new visual identity in late September.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.42.46 PMThe WSF’s new corporate logo, is intended to achieve a clear, consistent visual identity that not only emphasizes the position and role of the Federation, but also has the adaptability to be used in a variety of ways in respect of WSF programs and initiatives.

In a creative way it uses the lines of the front wall of a squash court to give a visual cue towards squash. It has authority, strong lines and colors and is part of a full rebranding that will ensure instant recognition of WSF.

WSF President N Ramachandran commented: “We are a bold organization and want to reflect that in how we look. In simple terms, WSF is a brand and we have to present this effectively to our stakeholders and all to whom we relate.”

WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley added: “The flexibility of design and color is important, so that we can give separate identities to all our schemes. We are heartened by positive reaction from those who have seen the designs so far and we hope that the entire world of squash will be similarly upbeat now that it is released.”

To view the new logo and various executions, visit the WSF website: