Max Protection with iMask

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Question: What is the purpose behind wearing protective eyewear?
Answer: To prevent eye injuries. Period.
Question: What is the No. 1 reason given by players who choose not to wear protective eyewear?
Answer: Because they fog up, or get sweat on them. And another reason is because they are uncomfortable or distracting while playing.

These sentiments, though inconvenient, are common when it comes to “glasses” used as eyeguards. You know, frames with lenses that are worn close to the face.

There are standards that lenses must meet to be considered “protective,” specifically because they are resistant to shattering when hit at speeds commonly generated by racquets and balls.

The iMask is one option that eliminates virtually all of the “excuses” given for not wearing protective eyewear, and it meets the ASTM standards of shatter resistance.

So what stops players from wearing them? Admit it—they think, or you think, it looks “goofy…like a welder’s mask.” So what? Yes, glasses can make fashion statements, but how critical is that when it comes to protecting your eyes?

The benefits of the iMask are numerous: they are very lightweight (despite their size), just slightly more than a pair of glasses, but because it is supported by your head, it feels weightless—and it won’t fall down your face like glasses often do; it interferes with none of your peripheral vision; the visor is projected away from your face which reduces the incidence of sweat dripping on them (though it does happen and can be easily wiped away with a finger that has been wiped off on the wall first—as can glasses); they have a built in “sweaty” (essentially a terry cloth head band); and, if you’d like, you can even apply promotional info on the front of the band that wraps around your forehead.

After wearing the iMask for several months, it took very little time to get accustomed to; perhaps a few matches. The sound of the game is slightly different because of the visor, but after playing with the iMask for a couple of hours, that is a non-factor. Because it is so light, and so unobtrusive to your vision, you essentially forget you’re wearing anything at all to protect your eyes.

Try it for yourself. Unless of course your vanity gets in your way.