Harrow Spark and Vibe

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.04.32 AMIf you’ve ever seen Jonathon Power with a racquet in his hand, you’ll picture the oversize, open throat, magic-making machine with ample power, maneuverability and deft touch that were his signature. True enough, the sticks in his hand needed his guidance to make his opponents look silly, but it takes two to tango—the player and the product.

Welcome to the new Harrow—the Harrow featuring the JP signature line of racquets that live up to expectations.

The Vibe and the Spark are both large-headed, open throat, middle weight shot-making machines. The Vibe (Power’s personal preference), weighing in at 147g strung (with 17 gauge strings), has a slightly more flexible frame—adding to its power production—and a dense string pattern with 14 mains and 18 crosses. It’s a head-heavy racquet (balance point at about 12.25″ from the top) that is slightly wider than the Spark at the base of the head. Feel is excellent on drops and flicking the ball with the wrist is nearly effortless.

The Spark, featuring an even more dense string pattern of 14 mains and 19 crosses, is more stiff which, when volleying, gives the sense of even more control. Also head heavy (with a strung weight of 139g and balance point about 12.25″ from the top), there is virtually no vibration in the frame whatsoever. Contact with the ball is solid and power is ample, though not quite as significant as with the Vibe. The handle on the Spark is also slightly more squared-off, so you’ll want to put both models in your hand to see what feels best for you.

Either way, the Vibe and Spark are welcome additions to this year’s line of bats from Harrow.

For more info, visit HarrowSports.com