College Bound

Parker Hurst
Parker Hurst will be matriculating to Middlebury College in the fall, while Dori Rahbar (cover) begins her studies at Brown University. In all, the 33 players listed to the right will be representing 13 different schools.

Squash players have always been noticed for their amazing agility, speed, racket skills, and fitness. It’s no wonder Forbes Magazine ranked it number one in their article, “Ten Healthiest Sports.” However, increasing numbers of junior players should also be recognized for high GPAs as they train for such a complex and demanding sport. The growing number of scholar-athlete awards rewarded annually for meeting such high expectations is astounding. It comes as no surprise that top colleges and universities across the nation have taken notice of the talented young adults competing for U.S. Squash and high school teams.

U.S. SQUASH would like to congratulate all of its members who have graduated high school in the class of 2010. Their accomplishments have led them to move on to top squash teams across the nation, including seven out of eight of the Ivy Leagues. It is gratifying to see that so many players are taking their game beyond the junior level onto college teams as they age out of junior squash. We hope to continue to see such great results from all of our athletes. Congratulations to each and every graduate and we wish you luck in your promising future.


Christopher Baldock—Stanford University
Sujat Barua—Franklin & Marshall College
Hunter Beck—United States Naval Academy
Derek Chilvers—University of Pennsylvania
Ash Egan—Princeton University
Taylor Foehl—Williams College
Parker Hurst—Middlebury College
Christopher Jung—Dartmouth College
Bryan Keating—Cornell University
Brandon McLaughlin—Harvard University
Ryan Mullaney—Franklin & Marshall College
Tom Mullaney—Harvard University
Fletcher Pease—Dartmouth College
Gary Power—Harvard University
Dylan Ward—Princeton University

Kelly Barnes—The George Washington University
Chloe Blacker—University of Pennsylvania
Sarah Domenick—Brown University
Elizabeth Eyre—Princeton University
Serena Fagan—Stanford University
Lillian Fast—Yale University
Caroline Feeley—Princeton University
Abigail Jenkins—Middlebury College
Courtney Jones—University of Pennsylvania
Roxana Mead—Franklin & Marshall College
Hyland Murphy—University of Pennsylvania
Katherine Nimmo—Dartmouth College
Jesse Pacheco—Cornell University
Dori Rahbar—Brown University
Alexis Saunders—Princeton University
Alexandra Sawin—Princeton University
Jackie Shea—The George Washington University
Gwendoline Tilghman—Yale University