HEAD Cyano 115

At about this time last year, we introduced you to the HEAD 115CT™ and its “Corrugated Technology” that made the frame very stiff. This year, HEAD has brought yet another advancement over from the tennis side of life in the form of the Cyano 115.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.46.15 PMBefore explaining HEADs new d3o “smart material,” we’ll start by putting to rest the notion that this bad boy is truly 115g. Stripped of its grip, strings, bumpers and paint—yes, paint—115g might be within the realm of possibility. But as is, with 16 gauge string (as shipped from the factory), the Cyano 115 checked in at 147g. So don’t walk away thinking this stick is only for the muscularly challenged.

Moving on…the Cyano 115 incorporates the aforementioned d3o which, as HEAD says, “dramatically changes its behavior under dynamic loading or impact. Located in the shaft of the racquet, d3o reacts to the needs of a player in nano seconds, providing a softer touch and better feel on slow speed impacts, like drop shots, and increases stiffness necessary to create power on high speed impacts, like crushing volleys and drives.”

So the idea is that during slow hits, the molecules in d3ostay soft, but during hard strokes they lock together making the frame even stiffer. The gist? A racquet that is supposed to adapt to the way you play, providing maximum power when you want it, and better feel when you need it.

On the court, the Cyano 115 is head heavy which helps in the power department, and the frame is very stiff—emphasis on “very.” Virtually no vibration at all made for a nice feel for the ball, particularly on drops and volleys.

The handle is rounded and beefier than most, but very comfortable. And the open string pattern, with 12 mains and 17 crosses, provided ample bite on the ball.

The bottom line with the Cyano 115 is that you’ll get what you expect from it—control when you want it and plenty of punch when you’d like to punish your opponent deep into the corners.

For more information, visit www.HEAD.com