“PLAY SQUASH” is a U.S. SQUASH initiative to encourage in-club squash play and participation. The program offers pros and coordinators the online tools needed to easily organize play at the club level, and it offers players engaging ways to enjoy squash no matter their skill level.

Box League onlineThe components of PLAY SQUASH are in-club Challenge Ladders, Box Leagues, Club Championships and Club Rankings. U.S. SQUASH Member Clubs are provided access to the software which allows pros to run these programs, and all players to participate. Also available to Member Clubs is no-fee sanctioning of their annual Club Championships to encourage pros or coordinators to report results, adding data to each players’ profile and more accurate Club Rankings. 

Players enjoy the benefits of all of these programs as they provide the opportunity to compete on their schedule and at a pace that suits them, while also allowing them to earn a rating and ranking. Individual player profiles display a wealth of information on each person, everything from contact information and match history to club affiliations, rankings, teams, league, and ladder participation, availability and a place to select individual preferences.

While PLAY SQUASH is focused on encouraging and supporting club activity, the program extends beyond the walls of individual clubs. Later this season “Find a Match” will be rolled out, where U.S. SQUASH members can search for and find other members of any ability, with information on his or her availability to play, and be able to reach out to schedule a match. The “Be My Guest” program now available through Life Time Fitness even allows U.S. SQUASH members to play at any of its 40 clubs nationally without paying a guest fee while traveling. 

Later this year, U.S. SQUASH members will also be able to track results of “friendly matches” in their profiles without an impact on ratings and rankings. And, Challenge Ladders and Box Leagues, like Team Leagues coordinated by Districts, can take place among players at several clubs in an area, or even across an entire U.S. SQUASH District.

Contact your club pro or coordinator to see which of these programs they are planning to offer this season. To see if your club is a U.S. SQUASH Member Club, simply search by club name in the box on the top right of