Aging Up

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJunior squash players using their racquet skills and intellectual aptitudes as tools toward getting into college is certainly not a new concept in the squash community. However, over the past few years, the world outside of the squash community has begun to take notice. Recent articles in the New York Times [Using Squash Court to Put Youths on Road to College (Dec. 9, 2007); And for Sports, Kid, Put Down ‘Squash’ (June 8, 2009)] have profiled junior squash players who try to gain an edge in the increasingly competitive world of college admissions. The interest in having juniors attend elite high schools and colleges for academic interests and to improve their squash games has helped the sport grow by more than 20% in overall memberships for youths under 18 since 2007. Publicity such as the articles in the New York Times can only help squash sustain its growth and popularity through a more general audience and promote the development of the game as a whole.

US SQUASH would like to acknowledge the over 100 seniors who are graduating from high school this year. Their efforts and accomplishments both on and off the court are a testament to the passion they have for the game of squash. Many of these high school seniors will be continuing with their love of the game through college and hopefully well into their adult years. Thank you to the class of 2009 and good luck with your future endeavors.

Matthew Baker-White (Bates College)
Shivan Bhavnani (Wesleyan University)
Hunter Bouchard (United States Naval Academy)
James Bradicich (University of Southern California)
Simon Carr (Denison University)
Greg Crane (Trinity College)
Patrick Cunningham (Franklin & Marshall College)
Roger Dailey (Franklin & Marshall College)
Jack Ervasti (Williams College)
Victor Evans (Southern Methodist University)
Alexander Greaves-Tunnell (Williams College)
Christopher Greco (Princeton University)
Danny Greenberg (University of Pennsylvania)
Christopher Hanson (Dartmouth College)
Stephen Harrington (Princeton University)
Jacob Harris (Vassar College)
Todd Harrity (Princeton University)
Christopher Holter (Brown University)
Alex Kurth (Dartmouth College)
Rishi Jalan (Cornell University)
Alex Ma (Harvard University)
Jason Michas (Harvard University)
John Nimmo (Dartmouth College)
Nicholas Nord (University of Edinburgh)
Charles Loesch Quintin (Amherst College)
Zeke Scherl (Harvard University)
Omar Sobhy (George Washington University)
Russell Woeltz (St. Lawrence University)

Eliza Calihan (Harvard University)
Sommer Carroll (Stanford University)
Julie Cerullo (Princeton University)
Casey Cortes (Princeton University)
Danielle Craig (Wesleyan University)
Sarah Crosky (Brown University)
Laura Henry (Williams College)
Natasha Kingshott (Harvard University)
Anna Kohnen (Duke University)
Julie Koenig (Stanford University)
Sarah Loucks (Dartmouth College)
Yarden Odinak (University of Pennsylvania)
Molly Parsons (Colby College)
Libby Pei (Vassar College)
Vidya Rajan (Harvard University)
Maggie Remsen (Cornell University)
Alli Rubin (Williams College)
Corey Schafer (Dartmouth College)
Elizabeth Schetman (Bowdoin College)
Lydia Smith (Brown University)
Annie Tickell (Columbia University)
Pia Trikha (University of Pennsylvania)
Stephanie Vogel (University of Pennsylvania)
Nicole Wagner (Cornell University)
Kelly Whelan (University of Virginia)
Grace Zimmerman (Wesleyan University)