The Magic Seven

Frank van Loon, World Squash Federation, Vice-President

We all know that seven has a special symbolism. Seven wonders of the ancient world, seven wise men of ancient Greece, seven gates to the other world, seven candles, seven days of creation, and what about the seven summits or colors in a rainbow?

Squash is now added to this list with its seven reasons to reach for supreme heights during the Olympic Games.

  1. Squash is the world’s healthiest, most exciting sport. [Cardio Vascular endurance, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, calories burnt, and other physiological benefits makes squash right for today’s young people]
  2. Squash is universal, accessible, physical and cheap to play. [20 million players, 175 countries, 1500 calories per hour, $4 per game]
  3. Squash is ready. [All stakeholders are actively contributing to the bid, squash is in every major multi-sport event except the Olympic Games, and Professional Tours are flourishing]
  4. An Olympic Medal will be the sport’s highest honor. The sport’s top male and female athletes have signed a pledge to compete in the Olympics. In some sports currently on the Olympic program, that is not the case
  5. Squash can take the Olympic Games into new markets. [Top squash athletes come from countries without a strong Olympic heritage]
  6. Showcase the sport, showcase the city. [Squash is a portable sport and courts can be placed anywhere]
  7. Maximum impact, minimum cost. [Practice locations in all candidate cities, two portable glass courts to be gifted to the host city, 64 athletes, 6 day competition, minimal environmental footprint since a permanent facility would not need to be built]

Memorize these, talk about them, tell them to all you friends, put them below your email signature, send them to your local newspaper and post them at your grocery store.

If you really want to help, the Seven Summits are: Kilimanjaro, Denali, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Carstensz Pyramid, Vinson & Everest. Climb them and put a flag on each peak with Squash’s Seven. There is still time and you will be in the news all over the world. I will support you with the flags.