90-Seconds With Chris Gordon

What was your welcome to professional squash moment?
Playing in Oklahoma City in July and having to walk a mile to get a sandwich in 110 degree heat. It is a one star event and I was 17-years-old. But it’s still my favorite event—I play it every year.

IT6R0150Who were your idols growing up?
Growing up I really enjoyed Steve Prefontaine and Adrian Peterson. Pre for his determination and his pure passion, and Adrian for his physical strength and drive and commitment to every play he made.

Favorite off day activity?
Practicing languages. I speak spanish pretty well and I’m working on portuguese. So going to an ethnic restaurant and chatting with the staff in their own language.

If I were PSA Executive Director for a day, I…
have no idea; just completely sit on the fence. I’m just completely focused on playing at the moment.

If I weren’t a squash player I’d be...
an airline pilot was what I thought for a long time, except that I took a class in aviation and realized how much math was involved.

If I could make one thing different about the sport, I’d…
make it a lot more like professional wrestling. Better entrance music and really pumped up story lines.

In the US I’d like squash to...
get into as many public clubs as possible, and institute pay to play policies in as many clubs as possible. Just pay court fees to play, and have them be affordable. And have the game adopted by top level D-1 Universities.