Doubles Rankings ‘06/’07

The US Squash Doubles Committee, in collaboration with Squash Canada, is continuing the program launched last season to rank doubles players individually in the Open, as well as all age categories. A player will obtain a ranking in his or her category by winning a minimum of one round in the main draw of a sanctioned doubles event. To obtain a ranking in the Men’s Open, a player must compete in a minimum of three events in a two-year span and must win at least one match in the main draw.

The unified system provides for North American doubles players to be ranked in the United States and Canada,  as well as overall in North America. Led by Mike McGorry, Tom Poor, Lolly Gillen and Alan Grant, this initiative considers results from all over the continent in events sanctioned by Squash Canada or US Squash and are updated quarterly. The rankings will have a significant impact on seedings for U.S. Championship events. Pro Doubles competitions are not included in the ranking process.

Rankings take into account the player’s top four events over a two-year revolving cycle with current year’s points valued at 100% and the prior year’s points at 75%. The total accumulated points are then divided by four to determine a player’s current standing. The following are the rankings for the top-10 men and women per category for the 2006-2007 season and are current to September 5, 2007. For a complete outline of how the system works and the overall rankings, please go to the Squash Doubles section of

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