90-Seconds with Julian Illingworth

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.16.57 PMWhat was your “welcome to professional squash” moment?
Playing David Palmer in the 2nd round of the TOC last year.  I had my assigned 20 minute hit that morning with Amr Shabana, and we were talking and he was giving me some strategy pointers on beating Palmer…he made it sound so easy, but as soon as the match started everything went out the window and I just started running.

If I weren’t a squash player, I’d be…
Maybe a lawyer or have started my own business.  But I won’t be a squash player all my life so there’s still time for that.

Favorite place to play a tournament?
Bogota. Other than the elevation this tournament is perfect. The club is amazing, you eat steak for every dinner, and massages are only 10 bucks!

Favorite off-day activity?
A great rest day for me would be playing computer games and then going to see a Blazer game (Portland’s NBA team).

If I were Executive Director of PSA for a day, I would…
publish a Prize Money list for the players like they do in golf and tennis. It would add transparency to those within the game while providing perspective as to how little the players are making.