All Hands on Deck Set sail on the AIDAdiva…and bring racquets

aida_diva_achtern_5-1Looking for that dream vacation aboard a luxury cruise line in the Western Mediterranean? You know, the kind that starts in Majorca with a stop or two in Italy before returning eight days later. If so, you might want to bring along your squash gear. Why? Not because you could come up with a game during one of the land excursions. Why would you need to do that when you can play on a brand-spankin’-new ASB all-glass (including the floor) court on the top deck of the AIDAdiva? That’s right, for the first time since the undersized court hit bottom on the Titanic and the Queen Elizabeth set sail with its 32’ x 21’ beauty, you can have your squash game and gorge yourself later on ridiculous fare in the restaurants—all while doing 18 knots in the Med.

Christened last spring in Hamburg, Germany, the AIDAdiva is the first of four 2,000-plus-passenger ships that AIDA Cruises plans to introduce with the spectacular squash court, specially built for seaworthiness. For more information, check out You can also Google AIDAdiva for other websites dedicated to the floating court!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.49.17 PMIf sailing in the Mediterranean isn’t to your liking, how about packing your racquet for a trip to the Eastern Caribbean. Yep, the southern shore of Antigua. Awaiting your arrival will be the spectacular Curtain Bluff—a luxurious hotel and spa with endless white sand beaches and water sports, exquisite food and wine, fabulous tennis facilities…and a squash court! You got it—if you visit in May you could run into tennis legend Fred Stolle and, hey, maybe you can get him to try his hand at the real man’s game instead of that outdoor sissy stuff!

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