90-Seconds With Natalie Grinham

What was your welcome to professional squash moment?
Maybe the first time I left Australia to play in Europe for a year.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.51.10 AMIf I weren’t a squash player, I’d be…
A housewife.

Your most embarrassing moment?
My sister (World No. 3 Rachael) has made me look quite stupid a few times. She is quite unconventional. She’ll hit the ball right at me or something, and I won’t be able to get to it and it will bounce off.

Your idol growing up?
I didn’t have an idol. I’ve always been quite happy to be me. I did love Janet Jackson though, and all her dance moves.

Favorite place to play a tournament?
I like coming to the States because I love the shopping and I love Krispy Kremes; Qatar because of the weather; and Malaysia because I am there so often that I know where to go, where to eat.

Favorite off day activity?
Watching television, especially “Prison Break” and “24.”

Marriage (to the Netherlands’ Tommy Berden) so far is…
Working for me. I’ve been doing well in squash since I’ve been married. We had already been living together, so it isn’t really something different. We did it to have a celebration of the relationship we already have.

Closest friends on the Tour?
My sister Rachael and Latasha Khan.