Fitz is Still the Master

As much as current WISPA players probably look up to Aussie legend Sarah Fitz-Gerald, they may just be relieved that she is retired. More than four years after saying farewell to the World Tour, Fitz-Gerald made a brief comeback at the Topend Squash Open Series in Darwin, Australia. She swept the floor with No.1 seed Amelia Pittock, and then did the same to reigning Australian junior champion Peta Hughes in the final, allowing her just four points in the win.

“I’m still playing at a high level, so it’s not like I dropped off the face of the earth when I retired from the tour,” Fitz-Gerald said. “Hopefully Peta will use today’s final as a learning experience. I’m hoping to have a chat with her to give her my perspective on how she played. I want these girls to learn as much as they can.”

The WISPA title is Fitz-Gerald’s 62nd in 90 finals appearances.