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Scaling New Heights

For those who know him, he is a fierce competitor on the squash court—and everywhere else for that matter. But over the past year, he’s been a virtual no-show around the courts at the Seattle Athletic Club, and he took a pass on the US Championships for the first time in who knows how long. Why? Because while his friends keep pounding the rubber ball into submission, Chris Burrows has been training for something only a few brave soles have accomplished, let alone attempted.

Mount Everest. Burrows got hooked on climbing when he chased down all 14,410 feet of Mt. Rainer after reaching the official over-the-hill age of 40. And in 2004 (two years into his 50’s), he conquered Mt. McKinley. On March 27, Burrows left for a nine-week visit to the Himalayas with a group based in New Zealand in hopes of summiting Everest in May. You can follow his progress at