90 Seconds with Natalie Grainger

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.32.21 PMWhat was your welcome-to-professional squash moment?
Being selected to play for South Africa at the ’94 World Championships in Guernsey when I was 17 years old. I was extremely confident (cocky springs to mind!) and believed I was a world-beater. We finished third overall, but I got my first true thumping by Sue Wright, England’s experienced No. 3. All I remember is getting three points and wondering what the hell happened! It was a pounding I never forgot.

If I weren’t a squash player, I’d be…
in some form of engineering or architecture. I love buildings and am fascinated by structures. I love to read and write too, so maybe I would try my hand at being a novelist?

Favorite off-day activity?
Golf—nothing better than being outside on a lovely day and belting the ball down the fairway…or quite often into the trees!

Your idol growing up?
Never really had an idol. I think I was too arrogant to follow anybody else. But I admired Andre Agassi. He mastered all surfaces against some of the biggest hitters with cunning, determination and phenomenal reaction speed and agility.

Favorite place to play?
When I was growing up it was court No. 5 at Parkview Squash Centre, my folks’ squash club. I went through my teething and teenage years on that court!